Woman Accused Of Killing Her Neighbour, Forced To Swear With The Dead Body In Abia State (Video)


A video has emerged online showing the moment a woman was forced to swear by a deceased person’s corpse in Ibeku, Abia state.

According to reports, the woman who was identified as Mama Thankgod, was accused of killing of the deceased who happened to be her neighbour. The deceased had slumped and died some time ago and the family accused Mama Thankgod of killing her.

Following this accusation, the family of the deceased insisted that Mama Thankgod must be made to sear by the deceased’s dead body during the burial and this is exactly what happened.

In the video, Mama Thankgod is seen being made to hold the hand of the deceased and swear by it. According to the tradition, if after 7 days nothing happens to Mama Thankgod, then she is innocent.

Watch the video below:


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