• December 8, 2019

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Uber launches Quiet Mode to avoiding small talk with drivers

It’s one of those social behavior problems we’ve all looked previously – Then reason why Uber launches Quiet Mode to avoiding small talk with drivers is because when you hop into a Uber and you are only not in the disposition for conversation.

However the driver feels as if it is their obligation to be neighborly and make casual conversation. Presently, Uber has discovered an answer for evading this clumsy circumstance. It’s called ‘Quiet Mode’.

The news comes courtesy of an update to rider preferences for Uber Black customers, the company’s luxury car service. According to Uber, the new features and requirements have been designed to meet rider expectations on every ride. A press release said: “We’re offering an increasing number of ways for riders to personalize their experiences.”

The feature that will probably resonate most is a Quiet Mode, which lets riders tell the driver how up for a chat they are. Three options are available, ‘quiet preferred’, ‘happy to chat’ or ‘no preference’. Of course, in the past you could have politely explained this to your driver upon entering the vehicle, but why go through the effort of social interaction if it can be avoided, right….?

Uber launches Quiet Mode to avoiding small talk with drivers

Aydin Ghajar, Uber’s product manager, told Tech Crunch that quiet mode is something that people have been asking for for a long time. However, Ghajar did state that keeping quiet was not mandatory. He said: “The driver is an independent contractor. We’re just communicating the rider’s preference. The driver can have that information and do with it what they want.”

Other new rider inclinations permit Uber Black clients to tell drivers they need assistance with baggage and what their preferred ideal temperature for the cooling or warming inside the vehicle is. There’s additionally premium telephone support, similar to that which as of now exists for Diamond level individuals from Uber Rewards, coming to Uber Black as well.

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Uber reported that the new component inclinations, just as premium help, will be accessible to 100% of US Uber Black and Uber Black SUV riders on May 15. The new driver and vehicle prerequisites are live in 35 US urban areas, with designs to extend to more areas soon.


The ride-hailing giant has not announced plans to expand Quiet Mode or other premium features to UberX, UberPool or international markets, yet. Although after the company’s disappointing IPO last week, Uber has a strong incentive to encourage riders to upgrade to its more premium services via features such as this.

Would you like to see the feature launch in your region?

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