• November 21, 2019

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Akuma Mama Zimbi reacts to Shatta Wale mocking Stonebwoy’s legs in his congratulation dance

Media personality Akuma Mama Zimbi has reacted to Shatta Wale mocking Stonebwoy’s legs in his congratulation dance video he posted on Instagram earlier this morning.

Watch video here; Shatta Wale & his friend ‘mocks’ Stonebwoy by imitating how he walks in their new ‘Congratulation’ dance

She posted the video on Facebook with the caption; “Shatta Wale what is this?”

Below are some of the reactions of some social media users.

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Shem wrote; “Insecurities makes People attack you with your disabilities, A Great Man face his Fears with Wisdom, Certain Struggles🙏🙏🙏I hope Shata Knows What goes Around surely Comes Around?He has Children And needs to think of their Wellbeing tomorow, This Accident happened to someone’s Child , Way before he became Stonebowy 👌It can As well Happen to his child or anyone’s child who support His Inhuman Behaviour!!!🙏”

Black Angel, a Shatta Wale fan said; “Akumaa you are old enough to behave childish , you too what is the meaning of your caption 🔥 foolish attention seeker”

Prince also wrote: “Life is full of uncertainties,Shatta pray u don’t face any misfortune in life…mocking a colleague over his disability jux bcos he’s far ahead of u…u don’t know what nature holds for u…keep on with ur mockery….kwasea bi kwa…ur face like taabea herbal mixture”

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